i don’t think we can classify that as a win

So, those Action Items …

I read Janie Bolitho: Plotted in Cornwall (Rose Trevelyan Series) on Friday night. It wasn’t awful, but was a bit hard going and very much needed a good edit.

I powered through Saturday.

Starting with a 35km bike ride:

It was excellent to get out, though I struggled on some of the rare steep hills – quads just gave out completely and I had to get off and push.


I finally unboxed the overlocker:

Fortunately it came pre-threaded, so it wasn’t too much if a stretch to test that it worked.

Now I just need to watch the instructional DVD, which hopefully won’t take another six months.


I made some really excellent double chocolate muffins:


And took a second DSLR photograph (first being the muffins):


And did some non-list items, like folding laundry forever and sewing a coat chain (for hanging) onto my puffy coat.


And then I woke up during the night with A Cough.

I’ve been trying (successfully) to use my mental powers to ward off a sore throat for a couple of weeks, but today it finally caught up with me. I felt like really ghastly and my brain was very broken. Thinking was hard.

Pah! So I did little else than mope about on the couch and look at pretty photos on bored panda.

Overall? Disappointing.

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