full circle

A few weeks ago we were trawling through some of Joan’s stuff when I came across a couple of very elderly photos. For various reasons, I don’t have very many photographs of myself (elderly or otherwise), so I’m always taken aback when I encounter them.

This was the most shocking of the bunch, taken in 1992:

I currently have this hairstyle (well close enough), am about the same weight, wear similar sunnies and rock a baggy shirt on casual occasions. This could in fact, be me right now, though rather a smidge less fresh-faced. I also believe I was wearing boyfriend jeans in the photo and I’d only wear skinny jeans with this ensemble today, and I’d likely add some sort of statement necklace.

Thankfully I’ve had a bunch of wildly different hairstyles, body sizes and clothing styles in the intervening 24 (eeep!) years, so I’ve mixed things up a little – but yikes! perhaps again time for something new.

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