Today was federal election day! We decided to vote at Stanmore Public School because the election sausage sizzle map told us it was the closest venue with sausage sizzle. For the non-Australians among us, elections are held on Saturdays, voting is compulsory and community groups generally hold fund raising activities – like cake stalls and selling sausages-in-a-bun – at polling places. It can be a very community-bonding kind of thing.

NewKity is uninterested in the democratic process

it was a long, long queue but the weather lovely and company pleasant

adorable miniature buskers rocking out – i kicked them $5

very excellent democracy sausage!

totally amazing democracy ginger cake

(relatively) minimalist wine + cheese to watch the election coverage

There is a very satisfying swing away** from the (conservative) Government, but after screaming at various politicians and commentators on various channels for hours, we landed on the very soothing first day of the tour de france (so pretty! plus, bikes!)

**though QLD – WTF is wrong with you?!

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2 Responses to freedom

  1. we didn’t vote until the afternoon when the snags were gone and even the coffee cart closing:(


    • carolbaby says:

      Oh, that both sucks and blows!

      Apart from the result, the most surprising news of the day was that my ginger cake was made by Annabel Crabb! Who knew she lived around here?


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