I spent part of this evening installing a video card in the very elderly (8 years old!) computer we have attached to the television.

We’ve been just using the onboard video for an age and realised this wasn’t really optimal when attempting to show this
very funny pitti uomo short film (seriously, go watch, I’ll wait) to Don and Joan. It worked fine on my laptop, but was all choppy and stuttery on the desktop – it was at that point I had the ah ha moment.

So it was either try a cheap ($60) video card or buy a new desktop for well over 10x that. I took the risk, there was always the chance it wouldn’t be the problem, and grabbed a video card from ebay – which arrived today. After sticking it in and wrangling with drivers for a while, we sat down to sparkling, crystal-clear video. Very exciting! And amazing to think that we’re still getting such good value from ancient technology.

It cheered me enormously, I’m always super-happy when mucking around the innards of computers.

In other cheerful news I managed to get a short run in yesterday (post, not pre-work) and have written my stresses/positives/action items in my wee book. 

I’m slowly getting there. 

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