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I’ve been feeling really rather out of sorts today. Don points out that this has been going on for a good few weeks – which I hadn’t actually realised, but he’s correct.

On reflection, I think it is probably due to the gradual erosion of the Things Which Make Me Cheerful and this makes me progressively more meh as things fall off the rotation.

So here’s a short list to remind me of what I need to be doing to remain tolerably human:

  • Yes the coming federal election and brexit are compelling and hugely interesting, but it will do my mental health no good to read obsessively about these things (and I will just despair of humanity)
  • I shouldn’t drink wine of any volume on the regular – even a glass is too much for me
  • I need cardio at least 4x per week
  • I need to read books
  • I need to read less stuff on the InformationSuperhighway 
  • I need to go back to the daily handwritten diary of 3 positives | 3 stresses | 3 actions (it seems as though the mental decline started around the time that this stopped)
  • I need to stop comfort eating
  • I need to stop afternoon coffee
  • I need to get back to crafting
  • I need to buy pretty things (no trouble with this one!)
  • I need to go and sit in the park
  • I need vitamin D (just started taking a supplement)

I’m sure there are more, but that is enough to be going on with.

To kick things off, I will try to drag myself from my snuggly warm bed tomorrow, write in my book and try to squeeze in a 3km run in before we leave for SML.

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