Well, that was a weekend! The huge amount of wild wind and torrential rain meant no golf for Don on Saturday and my fun run today was cancelled.

The weekend looked pretty much like this:

Saturday morning:

Sunday morning:

Sunday night:

Apart from a brief foray to grab groceries on Saturday morning, we pretty much stuck to the indoors (though poor Joe/Frank had to work this afternoon).

There was making of a hearty windsor soup and beef stew + parsley dumplings1.

And there was also a whole lot of reading on my part. The aforementioned completion of war and peace yesterday and today I knocked over dan lyons: disrupted – ludicrous misadventures in the tech start-up bubble (pre-ordered after reading this excerpt); and started on paddy manning: born to rule – the unauthorised biography of malcolm turnbull. There are about 10 more books sitting on my kindle which have been patiently waiting for me to get to them.

Now I am catching up on a smidge of worky work – this Sunday night working is becoming a bit of a nasty habit which I’ll have to break.

Despite being being unable to leave ThePalace(OfLove) and with little exercise happening, I actually feel super-relaxed – so maybe I do need to do away with that lengthy ActionItems list on occasion.

And I was going to write that we appear to have miraculously survived all the this rain leak-free, it was at that point that water started dripping from Bessie’s ceiling. Grar! 


1 super-extra awesome with the addition of celery and potatoes

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