experiments in baking: brodmix flerkorn

I’m really very against buying pre-packaged cake and baking mixes, preferring to bake from scratch, so I have no idea what possessed me to purchase bread mix from ikea a couple of weeks ago.

May because I dig crazy bread? Maybe I just really dug the giant milk carton packaging?

Sunday was dreadfully, unbelievably rainy and so it seemed just the thing to bake bread and eat it warm with butter. mmmmmm … butter.

The instructions were really simple.
     ❶ shake the container to loosen up the contents
     ❷ tip in 600ml of 45oC water
     ❸ shake 45 seconds
     ❹ pour into greased loaf pan
     ❺ rest 45 minutes
     ❻ bake one hour at 200oC


Steps 1 and 2 were pretty simple, but step 3 went a little awry. Shaking for 45 seconds did pretty much nothing to combine the ingredients – I was forced to employ a wooden spoon and almost break my hand while stirring everything together.


Step 4 went swimmingly (though I did need the assistance of a spatula to get the mix out):


And after 45 minutes had risen a little and was into the oven:


After an hour – bread!


Hot bread with butter!


But how did it taste, you’re wondering?

Yeah, no. Really pretty dreadful – flavourless, dense (not in a good way) and very stodgy.

And went straight into the bin.

I’m declaring this one a massive fail – lesson definitely learned!!

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