50before50: #36 read something long and challenging

War and Peace: fin!

I was compelled to do a victory lap of ThePalace(OfLove), high-fiving the inhabitants.

(and HolyGoodness! Epilogue 2 was exceptionally hard going.)

4 thoughts on “50before50: #36 read something long and challenging

    • Thanks! I feel like an Achieving Achiever.

      You know once I’d finally finished, I was idly toying with the idea of reading other translations – just to see if the reading experience was any different.

      Clearly I was experiencing some sort of break from reality, but that (adorable) version is definitely something I could handle!

  1. Well done! I spent three months reading it and didn’t read anything else at the same time. I will re-read it as some point but not for at least ten years.

    • Thanks for inspiring me!

      And also thanks for the encouragement – I became so disengaged at the start that I avoided reading at all for quite long stretches (such a bad habit – no idea why I don’t just pick up another book!!)

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