50before50: #7 sign up for a pilates class

After stagnating a bit (okay, a lot), I’m back on the 50before50 train!

This afternoon I went to my first pilates class, which held at our old yoga studio in Glebe.

It ended up being more of a workshop, but I am still totally counting it.

I was kind of nervous because I had no idea what to expect, but of course there was nothing to worry about and I didn’t appear too silly / uncoordinated / incompetent. My SML colleagues would be completely blown away to learn that I am anything less than utterly fearless and supremely confident – I have them totally fooled.

It was the first time they’d run this class and it was a wee bit disorganised, but I actually got quite a lot out of it. It really reinforced a lot of the stuff RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio has been telling me, but I think this made it stick a little more. I also picked up a few extra things and came away convinced that I need to incorporate drills into my life.

The instructor is a podiatrist, pilates and running coach and semi-progessional runner. She has a completely enviable body and is really lovely and engaging.

At the end there was a little Q&A and someone asked what her distance she does. When she said 400m is the max there was an unspoken “is that all?”. Such is the current completely ridiculous obsession with distance in running. It’s all about the marathons and ultras – anything else seems to be considered really soft. I have, of course, bought into this and always feel like I have to apologise that I’m “only” doing 5kms right now (I’m trying to be better about this). This article puts it way better than I ever could. (link should now work, thanks to the excellent anyresemblance for catching it)

But back to the pilates – I’m not sure that I’d attend a class on the regular, but it definitely made me think I need the occasional yoga class back in my life.

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