50before50: #16 learn to complete a cryptic crossword + #7a sign up for a pilates class

I’ve been so discombobulated by the lack of access to the InformationSuperhighway, that I completely forgot that this book arrived a couple of weeks ago and I could have been reading it in my downtime!

I re-discovered it this afternoon and completed my first cryptic crossword! 

Sure, it was VERY easy and consisted of only anagram clues (which I actually was the most afraid of) – but hurrah!

It’s actually a pretty great book and I feel very encouraged
(and I think I should buy the accompanying crossword book to get some practice in).

I’m not calling this item achieved until I can complete a non-practice, proper crossword.


Don and I had planned our usual bike ride this morning, but it was raining pretty heavily when we woke and we’re not quite ready for the riding in the rain type of challenge. So instead we decided to take in a pilates class together.

Thank goodness for all those pushups and situps because I think I would have been very much struggling! Lots of ab work. As it was I think I did pretty well – having some experience with yoga definitely helped. There is definitely a lot for me to work on – my glutes are like jelly and I cannot balance on one leg without falling.

It was fun – yoga-like, but much less earnest. I’d love to do this more, but it will be a challenge to try and slot anything regular in.

I’m calling this one done in a very real, non-half-arsed way.

Afterward I felt so good that I snuck in a quick 4km run. This will be my last opportunity before the Mother’s Day classic next weekend, which will be another 50before50 action item (though only an incremental one).

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