nodding off

penmanship at the hospital

No, we’re not at the hospital again, I’m just decluttering the drafts folder.

It has been one of those weeks – late evenings at our respective workplaces, background skirmish with consultants, lots of public transport travel (for me) and did I mention no internet?

Unusually, I have not prepared an extensive Action Items list for the weekend. I must get on that first thing, as if I don’t have a plan I will invariably futz around (ordinarily this would be on the InformationSuperhighway) and accomplish nothing.

Though I do have one activity planned – I’m off to a pilates for running class tomorrow afternoon. My first actual pilates class, which is one of those 50before50 items. I have no idea what to expect, but hope to come out of it with some core and glute stregthening ideas, discover how to pay more attention to my form, and not too horribly sore.

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