no it’s really not just about war

I call this one “sunrise through clean windows”

The ravenous kitties woke me up very early as usual this morning. I am remarkably chill about being woken up before 5am every day – they’re really very lucky they’re completely adorable. I’m sure I’ll become accustomed to this at some point.

Perhaps it is an age thing or a very little alcohol thing, but I am much more relaxed about a lot of stuff. Driving in insane traffic, waiting in terrible queues, dealing with minor crises is all no problem.

But I’d be very well pleased if I could apply this zen to other areas of my life – like SML. ARGH! Admittedly everything is going rather well, though Bobs can verge toward the despotic on some occasions, and the doddering dad who forgets people’s names and things you’ve told him 75 times on others.

If I hear him ascribe my ideas to Knut one more time I won’t be responsible for my actions. The most ludicrous example off this was when Bobs made Knut and I watch a video of a Scottish comedian and then grilled us about who it sounded like. Knut said, “it sounds like X, but it’s not exactly because of the accent” Me: “yeah, it’s more like the cadence that makes them sound the same” and we all agreed that it was. More chatter for a couple of minutes about accents in general then Bobs says, “yes, it’s the cadence, just as Knut says”.

He does this about pretty much everything, but I can deal with all of his idiosyncrasies if this sweet <vague blogging> sweet job </vague blogging> comes off.

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