should have sorted a red gingham tablecloth

It was very exciting to get back on the bikes this morning after missing last week because of Don’s GP appointment. It was fun and lovely, but holy goodness some people need to learn how to use shared paths! Amusingly I was mentally composing a ranty blog post about bad path users when I swerved and almost collided with an oncoming bike – so I’ll include myself on that list.

It’s a public holiday next week and we’re hoping to get out for another epic ride. I’m very glad I persisted with learning how to ride again – it’s a really excellent couplesish activity.


In other exercisely news, about a month ago I signed up for a pilates for running class which was originally supposed to be this afternoon, but fortunately it was rescheduled for 30 April.

I say fortunately because since yesterday morning I’ve had a really dreadful, quite intense dull ache in my right side between my hips and ribs (not appendix as that is long gone). Paracetamol mostly takes the edge off, so the ride was manageable, but I’ve been in a lot of discomfort.

TheInformationSuperhighway suggests this might be my gall bladder – let’s hope instead that I just ate something that disagreed with me. If no better by Monday it will be off to SuperHappyFunGP.

So mostly I laid about with a heat pack for the afternoon reading War and Peace (now at 51%!) and then had a lovely nap. After this I made tiramisu (first time) for Joan’s advance birthday celebrations tomorrow – she’s requested kitschy Italian as a theme. I do like this new tradition of the home celebration for birthdays.

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