understated elegance

Last Friday I treated myself to a new pair of runners (brooks adrenaline GTS16) after I realised that my current pair were probably getting a little tired. My old lady body does not cope at all well with aged running shoes.

I tried on a bunch of different pairs and different brands, but all roads led back to Brooks. The adrenalines are a little heavier, have a slightly greater heel-toe drop and are more solid than the pure cadence which has been my go-to running shoe up to now.

Holy!Goodness! They were so very good to run in! I was so thrilled I ran two days in a row. Last run was 3.22km, next will be 3.54 – I really need to work my routine somehow so I make myself get out in the morning. But so far, all is good.


HOWEVER, I have been experiencing some ankle pain – yes, in the same spot as last time. But I’m pretty convinced it had nothing to do with running, because the timing was completely off. I find it kind of hard to believe that you’d experience the onset of pain 3-4 days after a run.

I think it might have something to do with my usual walking shoes. I walk about an hour a day in them and I hadn’t quite realised how loose they were. Honestly, you could fit another ankle in there.

So now I’m using my old runners as walking shoes and things are feeling improved. And of course I look completely and utterly glamorous while doing so.

2 thoughts on “understated elegance

    • I can’t believe we’re living in The Future and yet we still cannot get an office-type shoe that is as comfortable and good for you as a runner. I blame the patriarchy.

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