the quantified arm

Don’s GP thought it might me a good idea for him to buy a blood pressure monitor to keep an eye things.

I love a new toy! And of course I’m making everyone measure their blood pressure and heart rate and checking mine at every opportunity.

Fortunately, mine is peachy, as evidenced by the green lights. Heart rate can get a little on the high-ish side though. I should probably keep an eye on that.

Don though – yellow lights all the way. Fortunately due to the medication, it’s now gradually moving toward the lower side of yellow.

This old person caper is full of excitement.

2 thoughts on “the quantified arm

    • I’m definitely down with the vlog – surely fame and fortune are only a matter of time!

      You should also add investigating strange physical ailments on the InformationSuperhighway to your topics! I’ve just spent two hours googling a weird pain in my right side (hmmm … gallbladder?)

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