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view from the bedroom

I think Don was inspired by my hanging** over the edge of the building on Saturday to remove ferns, because he decided he’d hang** out the other side of ThePalace(OfLove) and wash our incredibly filthy bedroom windows on Sunday.

He removed the fly screen to gain access, so I naturally took the opportunity to capture the rather nice view, unimpeded by screen or filth.

I think this is the second time the exterior bedroom windows have been cleaned in the almost four years (4! how did that happen so fast?) that we’ve lived here. In our defence, it is a really challenging job and one ends up with quite a lot of bruises for the effort.

Our crazy dream is to replace the current window with something easier to clean and with a much more wide expanse of glass. I don’t even want to think how much that would cost (there would be a crane involved for a start).

Realistically, we’ll be lucky to have even cleaned the thing again by 2019.

** more like a quite big stretch with feet firmly planted on the floor (though there was a bit where I grabbed

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