undesirable vertical gardens

We (and the neighbours) have a bunch of ferns invading the mortar in the facade of our building. We’ve all mostly been avoiding dealing with it because it will require a huge amount of 4 storey high scaffolding, council approval and permits and highly-paid professionals to repoint / remortar.

I was getting kind of tired of seeing them growing and spreading so decided to take (interim) measures into my own hands over the weekend.

I constructed a fern-removal device from a broom-stick, duct tape and paint scraper then hung over the top balcony and attacked what I could reach – being super careful to be on the lookout for passers-by.

I removed quite a lot:

But I’d estimate that a similar volume still remains attached to the wall. I either need a longer stick, to employ Don’s greater height and very long arms or to hang out Bessie’s windows. And to get some herbicide. bastards.

They’ll definitely grow back, but hopefully in a less Giant way. I’ll repeat until we can all sort ourselves out to do it properly – so I reckon a regular task for the next 20 years.

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