over too quickly

As I mentioned in the previous post, yesterday afternoon Don, Bessie and I (and 37,000 other people) headed out to the watch the ducks play.

It was a pretty lovely evening:

And afterward they had kick to kick! For the uninitiated, this is where pretty much everyone in the crowd goes onto the playing field after an AFL match to kick balls around – hundreds of footballs fly everywhere, it is complete mayhem, but totally fun. It happens maybe only once or twice a year, so it is one of those things you must do (we didn’t have a ball, so we didn’t actually kick, just ducked a lot).

hallowed turf


Bessie was off to see a play with friends afterward and Don and I ended up at 4fourteen for dinner.

The food was brilliant – especially the colcannon, and the marrow, and the salmon, oh and the lamb ribs. That does sound like a terrifying amount of food, but fear not, they were small share plates.

About 1/2 way through our meal the empty table next to us was filled by three pretty odious media types (two males, one female) – it was all air kisses and “darling”s. They were really, really, really into themselves – one was talking about recently being approached at the gym by a photographer who wanted to capture his amazing eyes, and there was loads of stuff of similar ilk. It was pretty amusing in an eye-rolly kind of way.

I realised as we were leaving that the one with the eyes was a newsreader on one of the government-owned networks – who we’d always considered being really grounded and down to earth. That illusion has been rather shattered – and his eyes aren’t even really that great.


Despite sharing a bottle of wine with Don and expecting awful sleep and possibly a hangover, I woke up full of energy, felt wonderful and my morning list contained no stresses or worries!

I was cheerful even after I smashed my phone screen when opening the door on the top balcony.


Perhaps I just need to drink more often? Yeah, no – we all know that is absolutely the last thing I should be doing! But good to know I can do the occasional dinner without being completely wiped out.

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