type a(ish) tendencies

How on earth can I not have any un-blogged photos to post here?

Must attempt to rectify that on the FIVE DAY WEEKEND!

We’re kicking off with an early, non-epic, bike ride tomorrow and then I’ll see where the day takes me.

I’m winding myself up a little about this because I feel like I need to squeeze every drop out of these 5 days. I can’t imagine when I am going to get such a stretch of free-time at home again – Xmas? Nothing like this to make me retreat to the InformationSuperhighway and accomplish precisely not-a-lot. I am at a complete loss as to why I do this to myself.

I think I need to come up with three things I’d like to do each day of the five (that are not hauswerk), be satisfied with that and consider anything else a bonus.

So tomorrow: bike ride, complete napkins, measure for plant stand.

I’ll report back.

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