easter break 2016: day one

You’ll recall that I had set three Action Items for today, so as not to get all overwhelmed by having so much time off and ending up doing nothing.

1. Non-epic bike ride,
2. complete napkins
3. measure for plant stand

And woo hoo! Action Items achieved!

Shorter, but quite fast (for us), bike ride this morning with some big breakthroughs for me. I finally got the hang of corners, thanks to RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio who asked if was I using my left (back) brake when turning. Ermmm, no I wasn’t. But I did today and no more running into fences! And then I mostly rode on the road – even through a scary big, multi-lane intersection! Amazing!

i don’t think you can get a more totally oz abbreviation

adore the typeface on this


I bought a plank of cedar back in January with the intention of making something to hold the plant in the corner … and then did precisely nothing with it.

My intention was only to do the measuring today, but I was full of energy after the ride, so grabbed the saw and then the painters tape to test the placement of the brackets.

It definitely needs some wax / polish / varnish (or something) because it looks a little cardboardy and I think possibly longer angle brackets to take the wood out to all the way to the edge of the base.


And I sat up in my land, busted out the sewing machine and hemmed 15 napkins while listening to a couple of episodes of love and radio.

I even had two glasses of wine to celebrate AND then stopped – which is a small miracle.


Tomorrow? 2km run, prep the materials for the coat rack, complete that pink skirt (that was a dress) for Bessie.

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