and then the cabbie told me I was very skinny

Because the long Easter weekend is almost upon us (five days off for me – woo!), my thoughts have turned to an Action Items list to maximise my

Among those things are a bike ride, finally unpacking the overlocker, making a plant stand, finishing up those napkins, making a rack to hold coats and hats for the garage. And I was really hoping that I might be able to begin the process of returning to running.

I saw RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio today, in the hopes of getting the all clear – and I did! I’m all repaired and can run a very gentle and slow (no problems with the slow) 2km and build up from there. I AM SO EXCITED! Also, I have to do lots of balancing on one leg – which is pretty amusing to behold.

During the discussion about how to approach my return, RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio said, “you’re really fit, but you’re not running fit right now”. And the voice in my head was all, ” HolyGoodness! I guess I am fit!” I’d really never thought of myself in those terms before. And then his lovely wife/office manager called me “sporty”, and I had to consider that actually maybe I am a bit sporty! Mind. Blown.

Just who is this person?! I don’t recognise her at all.

2 thoughts on “and then the cabbie told me I was very skinny

    • Thank you!

      It went well, though I probably did the first 1km faster than I had intended. Iced as soon as I got home as instructed.

      I think I have developed *#^$*#$^*#%$ing bunions on my second toe on both feet. There is a lump and the toes are a bit achy. BUNIONS?! WHAT THE HELL?

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