longing for a blanket

It rained overnight and this morning for the first time in what felt like months! I had to catch the train to SML today because Don had GP appointment1 and was very excited to wear my wellies to brave the puddles.

I was less excited to walk to panzo-the-car in the afternoon in my wellies in the bright sunshine, but pleased the temperature remained relatively mild. I’ve tried very hard not to whinge too much about the weather this year, but March has been quite crazy hot and unpleasant.

While I am very glad for the forecast week of showers, it does rather conflict with our planned bike ride on the weekend. We may have to resort to some long overdue household maintenance tasks – which actually sounds horribly dull, so maybe we learn to ride in inclement weather instead. I think I am becoming more fond of this activity.

1 in excellent news, his blood pressure is now high rather than dangerously high, hopefully the drugs and lifestyle changes will continue to pay dividends.

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