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I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff recently which suggests that getting 6 hours sleep per night over several days is the equivalent of not sleeping for 2 days straight. I feel like I hit that just-like-2-days-without-sleep wall today.

I honestly my brain is completely fried. Body is okay and I feel quite energetic, but urk! – it has been a struggle to think or even form (barely) coherent sentences. Don sent me an article today that noted most of Sydney is walking around like zombies and that the unusually warm weather is largely to blame. Stupid climate change.


Of course all this sleep depravation is making me a cranky old lady, so I will leave you with some curmudgeonly observations / questions:

1. What is with people calling their ordinary blog posts essays?

2. What is with people calling an ordinary blog post containing multiple photos a photo essay?

3. What is with people giving a reading time for their blog posts?

I really need to do another cull of the blogs in my reader – and to get some better sleep.

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