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big pit

Since the end of February Joe/Frank has been away two nights a week at his UPP course and is often working on one of the other evenings.

It is so odd and empty nesty without him around! And it is especially eerily quiet on the alternate weeks when Bessie isn’t here. I guess this will only get more pronounced as time passes – everyone is now very self-sufficient and I have more and more time on my hands. I don’t think I’ve really had so much time available before as an adult. Must work on plans to fill it.

Because of the new ins and outs of everyone, we’ve developed a complicated evening television routine, depending on who is available on a given night, currently:

Carol, Don, Joe/Frank = House of Cards, was Jessica Jones
Carol, Don, Joe/Frank, Bessie = Better call Saul, was Archer
Carol, Don = Whites, was Antiques Roadshow (such old people)
Don, Joe/Frank, Bessie = nothing current, was Orphan Black
Carol, Don, Bessie = generally anything on SBS2

And at some point we might get to those dozens of unwatched DVDs we continue to stockpile.

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