so yeah, about that no spending

When we left off yesterday I’d realised corey-the-bike had a stuffed right left gear / front derallieur which I was attempting to remedy with WD-40.

Naturally the magic solution wasn’t so magic and fixed nothing.

After Don arrived home from golf, we headed down to the local bike shop to more seriously check out options and perhaps have a little test ride.

HOLY!GOODNESS! I had no idea how absolutely terrible Corey was until I got on another bike. I could ride up a hill, with minimal effort! Totally made me realise I am not such a dreadful cyclist and I can totally blame bad tools for my struggles.

There was nothing for it, but …

bye corey!


And … hi corey!:

Because he didn’t want to miss out on the new bike action, Don got himself a new ride too (from a different store):

yet to be named

So much for the making do with what we have and frugal February!

We took the new sparkly lovelies out for a little spin on Saturday afternoon around our usual neighborhood route and through the dog park. I’d estimate a little over 8km. Corey was super responsive, rather terrifyingly so, especially on the downhills and on turns (rather like driving with and without power steering). There were a couple of anxious moments. It will take a little while to get used to him.

We were determined not to have four bikes sitting around cluttering up ThePalace(OfLove) so donated original Corey to The Bower on Saturday afternoon, and sold Don’s old bike on Gumtree in less than 24 hours.


Don and I went out for another wee ride this morning. I’d heard vague mentions over the years of a Cook’s River path and RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio suggested that it was worth checking out, so we headed in that direction. I was a little skittish after yesterday’s harrowing first outing, so I was hoping for a nice, leisurely ride.

The path was amazing – quiet, tranquil, incredibly well maintained and perfect for riding. How did we not know this was here?

And we covered a quite amazing 32km!!!


We could have gone further, but we weren’t quite sure if we’d be able to manage the distance. We’ll definitely be returning, there is lots to explore in both directions.

Afterward I had more energy, bounce and cheerfulness than I have had for weeks. Oh cardio! You are the best cure for grumpishness there is!

2 thoughts on “so yeah, about that no spending

    • I’m very pleased with the purchase! I do quite fancy the quite colour of Don’s, but it would clash with my lurid pink fake hi-vis cycling top, so unusually went with a sedate option.

      I’m already at $17.50 per km, which is probably not actually that great an investment, but can only get better!

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