50before50: #26 – buy an overlocker or stop talking about it

So this was delivered today:

After a good deal of introspection (which seems to be the theme of the month), I decided I’d probably be much more inclined to sew if I could make items with beautifully overlocked seams.

I was all set to buy something elderly, of good, solid quality from gumtree or eBay but the prices were not at all competitive with a sparkly new one (only $50-60 less).

Immediately after I hit the other buy now button, I was consumed with excitement and started planning all manner of things to sew.

But first, there are a few Action Items on the agenda:

+ he needs a name.

+ I need to set aside a good few weeks to familiarise myself with him.

+ we need a very (very) frugal March!

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