the ah-ha moment

Yet another physio appointment this morning, or as I like to call it, funding another pony. Fortunately I seem to be improving – I think because I have been doing all the assigned rehab. It has taken a while, but I can now sort of balance on the foam roller and it is definitely helping with the tightness in my right ITB.

Don managed to score a very early (6:45am) tee time this morning, so I was all “you take the car, I will ride my bike to the physio!”.

This was my first solo outing on the bike. It worked fine and took less time than it would have to drive. Roughly 8 minutes door to door. I felt like such an Achiever!

While I was riding I was trying to pay particular attention to gear changes and what the chain was doing in each. And I discovered that the left gear shifter appears to be a bit dodgy and won’t go onto the smallest chainring at all. No wonder it is so hard to get up hills!

The bike is around, I guess 6-7 years (maybe even 8) old and has never been serviced as far I’m aware. I’ve been holding off getting it serviced because the cost is not insignificant and that is $$ I could put toward a newer, better bike. Right now I’m going to take to it with WD-40 and see if that helps. If not, I may have to pull the trigger on that new bike, somewhat earlier than anticipated!

I’ve got a two week reprieve from physio because of the improvement (yay!), but also because I’ve been experiencing some weird physio associated right toe related pain. He’s ramped up the exercises, so I’ll be all about giant red stretch bands and walking around on my heels for the next little bit.

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