I’ve had a venous lake on my lip for quite a while (at least 4 years) and have kind of accepted its presence. I’ve almost fooled myself that it is some form of charming beauty spot – because I didn’t think I could do anything about it. Certainly the dermatologist hadn’t mentioned anything.

there’s not much more confronting than taking an extreme close-up of your face

I was recently at the dentist and he asked about the “spot on my lip”. I’m rather accustomed to health professionals freaking out about it – thinking it is a melanoma or similar. But no! He knew what it was and told me how he’d had a lot of success zapping these with laser and showed me some pix of successful treatments.

Was I interested?

Well yes, but assumed he’d be funding his children’s next pony with the cost of treatment. But no! It would only be $450 (hah! only!). I told him I’d get back to him, but I was pretty keen to pull the trigger.

Of course I immediately took to the InformationSuperHighway to research pros, cons, disasters, and learned that some people had success in making them disappear by rubbing daily with castor oil.

So I bought myself a bottle because I’d rather have the $441.05 in my pocket and lasers off my face if I can.

I’ll be massaging in for 5 minutes (which is a lot longer than you’d think) morning and evening for the next, say, month.

Will report back.

4 thoughts on “spotty

  1. Dear spotty,
    Any luck with the castor oil treatment for the venous lake on your lip? I’ve just started that treatment too, but haven’t seen any results yet. Thanks!

    • Interesting that you ask this!

      I stopped back in October after an 18 week stretch when I wasn’t really noticing much improvement one way or the other.

      However, what I have noticed just recently that it does seem to be getting bigger, so perhaps all that oil and rubbing was keeping it under control?

      I may have another go at the caster oil after my holiday OR I am tempted to just suck it up and have it expensively lasered.

  2. Guess what…ran across this post and rubbing with caster oil has almost gotten rid of my venous lake lip…and it was huge!!!!

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