It’s no secret that I’ve been really wrestling with understanding the gears on corey (my bike).

I’ve been doing lots (and lots) of reading and research about how to operate twist shift gears, but it wasn’t really sticking**. I could comprehend what the right side shifter was doing to the back wheel, but the left side controlling the gears for the pedal was causing extreme bafflement (and I am not quite good enough yet to take my eyes of the road to watch it in action).

So I was forced to get out the pencil on the weekend and draw myself a diagram:

Clearly I still have no idea how a bike actually works if my subconscious thinks the gears drive the front wheel!

We’re planning a short ride on Saturday morning. Hopefully my bad (and wrong) artistic endeavors will go some way to assisting with handling. I am quite determined to conquer this.

** terrible gear pun!

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