rather more than two bits

We were quite concerned about BabyKitty’s behaviour over the last week or so. She was laying about, enervated, absolutely no interest in food and was actually letting us pat her. She didn’t seem unwell, just choc-full of ennui.

But fortunate co-incidence, she was due for a vaccination, so we trotted her off to the vet on Sunday. And in excellent news, she has all the health.

So we could only think that the heat might be troubling her – she is extremely furry which can’t be pleasant in the height of summer. And has a whole lot of trouble grooming herself, any efforts by us to get near her with a brush result in much hissing and biting.

the prettiest babykitty in the whole world

babykitty has a box

We thought we’d take a chance and have all that fur trimmed into a lion cut. So she was back to the vet on Monday for grooming. It took her a couple of hours to recover from the sedation, but since then she has been a crazy ball of energy – totally back to her old, madcap, starving, chatty self. The difference from the formerly ennui-filled-hipster-babykitty is astounding.

Admittedly, she is not quite so drop-dead gorgeous as a result, she is such a skinny little thing underneath the fluff – all dainty elegance and limbs forever. And she has a wee heart on her back!

I was really dithering about having this done, but given the results we’re going to schedule this in at the beginning of every summer. Fortunately for the bank balance, NewKitty’s extreme fur seems not to bother her in the least.

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