the best bit is the 2+ weeks off work

Merry Xmas!

Last evening Don and I headed out to King Lear at the Sydney Theatre Company. I’d bought the tickets way back in March and they were by way of a Xmas present to ourselves.

Good production. Utterly adored the minimalist sets. The storm was done fabulously. Should have pre-ordered intermission drinks.

Attending a play would be a Xmas tradition worth developing, I think.


Xmas day started on exactly the right note with 40 pushups (knees!), 49 situps and 21 lunges (on each leg) and then a 5km run. I have turned into the type of person that I once mocked – what kind of nutcase would go running on Xmas morning?

The babies are Xmasing with the other half of their family and we’re having Joan and Ajax over for a late lunch, feat. roast chicken with the traditional accompaniments at Joan’s request. We were toying with turducken for a time, it proved rather insanely, eye-poppingly expensive.

I’ll be making my very first pavolva (eeeeep! so many versions to choose from – cornflour? vinegar? both? 150oC? 120oC?). Don and I were both staggered when Joan, the Xmas pudding evangelist/nazi, suggested this for dessert.

Will report back!

I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than to spend the day cooking – and I’m not even being sarcastic, passive/aggressive.

I might even succumb to a glass (or two) of bubbles.

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One Response to the best bit is the 2+ weeks off work

  1. ganching says:

    Hope you had a lovely day. Ours is just beginning xx


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