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storm approaches

After a couple of bouts of torrential rain over the past couple of weeks, so far the repairs seem to be keeping out the water, which is an incredible relief. It took several professionals and quite a bit of cash before we even identified where the water was getting in. I really do like the rain, but for the last couple of years even a light drizzle has meant heightened levels of anxiety while we wait to see where the water is going to penetrate next and how much damage it would cause.

There is still some work required to protect us from the increasingly frequent one-in-a-hundred-year storms (you’d think having been through one, we’d be sweet), but we actually know what needs to be done.

In other inclement weather news. I’d been coveting a decent pair of wellies for some time, but I had to really talk myself into forking over the cash for some. It doesn’t rain that much (or at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves), so I felt it was a little hard to justify.

They were worth every single cent. There is such joy in arriving at SML with dry feet and lower legs on rainy days! My boots, combined with the light-weight mod-style raincoat I bought on very deep discount (I think for like $20) at myer in 2008, mean that I withstand even torrential downpours – while my colleagues turn up mostly looking like they’ve swum to work in their clothes. Umbrellas being pretty much useless in most situations.

I might look like an oversized toddler, but at least I am a dry oversized toddler.

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