lists and lists

wandering about birchgrove last week while j/f was at speech therapy

I’ve come up with a plan for the first unit of my advanced manageressing course which has me handing in my assessment in 13 days. Up until this evening I had not looked at the material – so this is a little ambitious, but I am assured it is do-able.

I have decided that I should probably apply my mad operational planning skills at a personal level – if I can do it successfully for 50 people and over 85 projects in a year, I should be able to scale down, surely! So I busted out a calendar and broke it down into manageable (I think) chunks. The first couple of steps are reading: 1 hour tonight (ACHIEVED!), 30 minutes in the morning, 1 hour Thursday night [repeat until weekend], then wrapping up the reading on Saturday and starting the questions on Sunday.

Looks like an Ace! next few months.

I know that I will not regret doing this – though why I put these things off for so long is another question entirely (perhaps a question for when I am finished!)


In other news, I sat down this morning and came up with 3 more quite pedestrian items to add to the 50 list:

  1. finish advanced manageressing course
  2. paint doors in ThePalace(OfLove) [possibly cheating because it is on other lists]
  3. make a planter with trellis for the front veranda, plant viney *things* and keep them alive (I’ll try to track down a photo of my inspiration)

    I’m hopeful I can think of two tomorrow and call this list done!

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