Made it to the park today for some reading for the first time in an age. After my evil-spot scare, I managed to mostly stay out of the sun, but probably should get some sunscreen for my arms and feet and ears and back of my neck (my face being taken care of by my 30+SPF moisturiser). Actually, a hat would probably also be an excellent idea and wouldn’t muss with my very short hair too much.

This morning I was all about carpe-ing the diem and I went out for a 3km run before work. This is probably the first time I have done this in, well more than a year. And probably the second time ever that I have run before I’ve had a coffee.

At lunch time (pre-park), I had a 30 minute session with a coach from my advanced manageressing course. They are pulling out all the stops to persuade me to finish the damn thing rather than withdraw – good of them as they have long since received their course fees. She has convinced me that I can complete the first unit in 10 days. Whether this is true remains to be seen, but I am going to give it a crack. Tomorrow morning I hit the books … errrmm, hit the learning management system.

As a consequence of all of this activity, at 9:18pm, I am completely and utterly exhausted and will now sleep like a thing that sleeps.

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