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treats from the best plumber ever: chocolate and a to do list

You’d think coming up with a list of 50 things to accomplish in two-or-so years would be easy peasy. Maybe I am completely unambitious and boring, or have already done a lot of things that would have been good list fodder, or maybe I am just entirely satisfied with my life, but I’m really kind of clutching at straws to get to the 50!

I’ve resorted to roping in the fam for the next chunk of activities (well, they are my fave peeps, so good to spend enforced time together):

  1. ride a pony
  2. make something from resin
  3. complete a family craft activity
  4. complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle as a family
  5. complete a piece of embroidery or needlepoint
  6. family laser tag or locked room activity
  7. 5 x hikes of >10km
  8. blog every day for a 12 month period (photos count)
  9. knit a garment for myself (this means I’ll need to revise item 9 to sew a garment and wear it)

Five to go! Honestly, I think coming up with the list will be more difficult than actually completing the items on it!

Suggestions for the remaining five are, of course, welcomed!

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