small victories

convoluted cushion

After wasting a good deal of time yesterday with failed searches for various misplaced items in ThePalace(OfLove) and sitting for a couple of hours in the notoriously dreadful Saturday inner west traffic, GT(F)Ding was much more successful today.

I ran 4km (pleasing), cooked chicken tagine for Tuesday night’s dinner, a batch of choc-chip muffins, made puff pastry and welsh lamb pie. And pottered and pottered and pottered.

It was both excellent and exhausting.

I did have plans to write a couple of blog posts, cut the bodices off those dresses I’m turning into skirts for Bessie, and knit the remainder of the baby hat – but in retrospect, that was probably just a little ambitious.

But because of all the pottering, I reckon I should have time to get those things covered off during the week. I’ll make them projectlettes and see how that works.

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