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In contrast to the last two Friday nights, I did not celebrate the end of this week with a couple of glasses of wine. This meant that I was fully awake at 5:05am (even before the kitties began clammouring for breakfast) ready to attack the day.

I fed kitties, caught up on happenings on the InformationSuperhighway, had coffee in bed and ran 3km all before 6:30am.

Don has the first round of the club championships (jolf) today, so he was also up and out pretty early. I think at this point we have given up any pretense of not embracing our inner old people. I am now one of those old ladies who declaim, “you’re wasting the day away” if you lie in until, like, 7:30am.

Anyway, my intention for this weekend is to GT(F)D [get things … done]. Not because I feel like I have to, but because I really want to. So I am motivating myself with my motivational shirt:

But you know, worn ironically.

I have lots of little admin, pottering and tidying tasks on the agenda.


I was really pleased with the run this morning. Fastest time in a while – especially considering the 30 seconds or so I wasted stealing (from a footpath plant) this bit of ivy (much more difficult to detach from the plant than I anticipated):

spider plant cutting (also stolen from a footpath plant) was a prop from one of Bessie’s design assessments

I have signed up for the balmain fun run to give me a small running goal. I’ve entered the 5km. I think I could probably do the 10km, but it is just asking for injury at this point! Especially as I’ve only been doing sporadic 3kms for the past, well, year.

No pressure though.


Remember my excellent glasses mending kit? Joe/Frank has another pair in need of repair. I have spent a good hour of my GT(F)D time trying to track the set down. As I am usually disgustingly organised in terms of where I put things, this is not a little frustrating.

Also frustrating is trying to make an online medicare claim for my pathology test on the evil spot (not the cheapest thing in the world at $199.75). To make the claim I have to log in to the mygov website, which like all things government makes a simple process a torturous kafkaesque experience. First, you drag out your assigned a random 8 digit user ID, then log in with your very complex password, then you answer two of your five secret question combinations, then you enter the 9 digit secret code which has just been sent to your mobile. Then you enter your item numbers, to find out that you cannot claim these online and have to go into a branch.

This morning is rapidly turning into GN(F)D.

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