While engaging in a little light decluttering a couple of weeks ago, Joe/Frank came across a pair of old sunnies where the wee bolt/screw holding the arm had fallen out.

Rather than tossing them, I trawled through the giant box of screws and bolts and bits – though I really didn’t hold out much hope of finding anything small enough. And I was right, while there were some very tiny bolts, there were none quite small enough.

Not one to give up, I turned to the InformationSuperHighway and I found the very thing on ebay: a spectacle repair set for the princely sum on AU$2.65 (with free shipping). I’m not sure how comfortable I am with paying so little for something, but ethical issues aside …

The set arrived yesterday, I busted it out this afternoon and less than 5 minutes later:

Really very satisfying!

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