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Yesterday afternoon I went out for a 5km run, the longest distance I’ve run outside since 5 April!

It was dreadfully slow, about 3 minutes longer than my normal 5km time, but I am pretty stoked that I ran all the way, concentrated on my form, and came out of it with absolutely no pain and relatively minimal exhaustion.

I’m still planning on a very slow comeback. I seriously doubt that there will be a half-marathon in my immediate future, but maybe I can get back to 10km in several months.


5:2 continues to be wildly successful. In addition to losing a couple of sizes, it has really changed our diets overall – even on non-fast days. It could be the season, but we’re craving less of the rich, complex, slow cooked foods and more of the salads and simpler, lighter meals.

Shocking stuff.

This has thrown our weekend routines of many years out the window because lighter often means much less prep and much less being tied to the kitchen for hours. So I’m finding myself with rather more time on my hands than I am used to.

Must revist that list of projects! And find a new cooking repertoire!

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