not aligned again until 2025

Happy Thanksgiving! Also Happy Birthday to me!

The kitties were so excited by my birthday that they woke me at 5am and demanded feeding. Hurrah!

I napped a little while afterward, but then decided to start my <gulp> forty-eigth year as I meant to continue and went out for a 3km run – which I was really satisfied with.

SML was tedious, and I had to deal with a catastrophe caused by one of the The(NowThankfullyDeparted)Professor’s minions – but at least MrT did not leave me in tears this year.

Joan sent me a delightful posy from here:

And KingLear gifted me with these rather nice chocolates for going over and above for our international peak body.

I arrived home to find ThePalace(OfLove) had been thoroughly cleaned and I celebrated with wine (after tonight, no more for a month1)!

We were initially planning to go out for dinner, but I requested that we stay at home and I feast on alpen magrone and a super-excellent, wonderfully delicious coconut cake made by Bessie (who also gave me a box of tropical infusion & house of cards DVDs). Celebrating all the food groups: carbs, fat & sugar.

remains of dinner

All round excellent!

1I even managed to survive a Very Tedious (with one amazing exception) work function last evening, subsisting on soda water – despite the almost constant pleading from colleagues (& others) to have just one glass of wine. Such is the pressure to drink on the non-drinker.

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3 Responses to not aligned again until 2025

  1. Happy Birthday! That sounds like a great day and I applaud your venture into sobriety again. It is (almost) inspiring me


  2. ganching says:

    Happy birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Being permanently a sobersides I also applaud the non drinking.


  3. carolbaby says:

    Thanks both!

    I didn’t hit the wine too hard, but definitely felt it the next day. The four days prior I’d been feeling wonderfully energetic and clear-headed. Good to have the decision reinforced by the occasional tipple.

    As at before, there are people (many of my colleagues) who are irrationally confronted by my decision.


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