getting on with it

is it any wonder I get injuries? not the best sitting arrangement

I’m so far sticking to the study plan, though it is only the second day in, so probably a bit early to call “sticking”. Even so, I have not felt a desperate need to fold laundry or dust during my allotted reading time which is both surprising and pleasing.

I have FINALLY arrived at my 50 things! I did have to replace #47 (painting the doors) because this was really already covered by #13 (complete painting of ThePalace(OfLove). So the last three are:

  1. see two plays per year (that makes 4)
  2. buy new music on average of once per month (that makes 24)
  3. make/craft something special for each of the fam

Now all that remains is to actually do them – and just over two years (yikes!) to get it all completed.

Must print out and stick to wall so I remember what they are.

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