where’s that poutine, eh?

That whole skin thing threw me for a bit of a loop – and not in a particularly good way. I’ve been pretty glum. I get the pathology results this morning, so we’ll see where we’re at.

I’ve been drinking wine on the past two weekends and in retrospect  this was not a fantastic decision. I’m pretty sure it has contributed to my not great mental outlook. I should write myself a big note to remind me that cake.chocolate.biscuits are better feel-good consumables than wine. 

Plus, birthday in less than a month. Usually such things don’t bother me – but I’m totally on board the “what am I even doing with my life?” train. Blergh. So tedious.

So I’ve been bunkered down with soothing books. I read the first seven Miss Silver books over the weekend. All pre+mid-war, upper-class, pale, delicate heroines and villains who conveniently either suicide or die in a fiery accident (or both!) rather than be brought to justice. All very, very silly and just what I needed – so much so that space-kindle is now temporarily domiciled in Canadia, where he could buy the next three sets of 7 Miss Silver books at CA$1.98 a set. Yes, that is 7 books for CA$1.98. Definitely worth shopping around various countries for your ebook needs.

Apart from shaking myself out of the glum, I also need to reassure myself that spending hours reading and not Actioning All The Items is nothing at all to feel guilty about. Ergh! My brain is so utterly exhausting at times.

5 thoughts on “where’s that poutine, eh?

  1. I just had a Basal cell taken outta my hairline ๐Ÿ™ Stitches came out a week ago (so at least I don’t look like the bride of frankenstein any more!!!) and they covered the wound with flesh covered bandages, so it’s not super noticeable any more, so I totally feel ya on the whole ‘stupid skin cancer’ thing. I haven’t heard back yet about whether they got it all, but it was a good 20cent piece they had to cut out – ugh!! Fingers crossed!! If you’re gonna have skin cancer though, this is the best kind… silver lining and all that, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Not sure if my last comment came through – gah!! It was just saying that I had a basal cell taken out of my hair line recently. Stitches came out a week ago, but I’m still waiting to hear back about whether they got it all out. Fingers crossed, I totally feel ya on the whole ‘crappy skin cancer’ thing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry about that! You got caught-up in the very unpredictable spam filter.

      Ouch, poor you! I got off very lightly indeed. A colleague mentioned she’d had one removed from her nose some years prior, I had no idea – there was very little evidence, so hopefully we’ll have the same outcome (though I do already have a pretty impressive collection of scars from many years of punch biopsies on darker moles).

      Good luck with the results!

  3. Yeah, I’ve had a couple removed now. Horrid feeling. Plus, that bus, I’m on it with you. I might even be driving it. You should let yourself bump into that Irish chap more often. I like him. xx

    • Hello!

      I got quite complacent because my tests have always come back negative, but I’m being a lot more conscious about sunscreen now. Though I suspect most of the damage was done in the wayward youth of sun-baking covered in baby oil (shudder).

      I can’t say I’m a fan of this whole mid-life angsty thingy. At least I am in excellent company, though I feel rather like a whiny teen.

      Oh and hey! I bought your first book a couple of months ago when I discovered there was an ebook version! I’m saving it for special (Xmas hols).

      Oh – and blog more, lady!

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