While we’ve been spending up a storm on various bits and pieces, I’m still always on the lookout for freebies and lately running has delivered the goods.

I’ve been wanting a planter made from pallets for a while and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw a small box made from pallet-wood on the side of the road. As soon as I completed my run, I jumped in panzo and went out to retrieve it.

I’d temporarily put in Don’s office under the window before I removed the legs. But then BabyKitty started playing in it and using it as a step to get in the window – and it is absolutely perfect for our slip-on shoes, so it has stayed rather longer than planned.

We didn’t even know that we needed anything in that space, but we’re now in the market for something of exactly the same dimensions, but a bit more like proper furniture. This is a big ask as the dimensions are a little weird, so I expect pallet-thing will be in situ for a while.

[We brought the fern with us from the old flat and it was living on the top balcony. We had to move it for the re-grouting and kind of like it near the front door – it certainly is happier.]


Then last week I saw a very sad-looking small shovel propped up against a tree on the footpath, waiting for rubbish pick up. I’ve been thinking about something of this size for a while to turn the soil in the faux-compost bin and other larger planting projects.

Don was off at golf with panzo, so I picked it up there and then. I must have really looked a treat running along with shovel in hand.

And more stuff to eventually declutter.

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