wee bunny ears

best street art ever

So, results are in and basal cell carcinoma is confirmed – pah! It was shallower but covered more area than dermatologist expected. She thinks she got it all – it’s all within the margin of error, but back in 6 months for another check. In the meanwhile I’m on heightened alert and eyeing every little spot with suspicion.

I’ve made an appointment for January to have the scar trimmed (ewww) – because it has little peaks at either end. I’ve covered it in some of the silicon sheet I had leftover from when I broke my nose. Hopefully this will have a flattening effect and I won’t need the trimming (ewww).


In very interesting SML news, MrT will be leaving us at the end of the year/early January. It is being positioned as a mutual decision to part ways. MrT is like a teflon-coated cockroach in terms of survival, so I will only believe it has happened, in, like, July.

The general feeling is that the new overlord (whenever they are actually appointed) will have a mandate for extreme cost cutting, which of course means reduction in headcount. I already have a list!

In other interesting news, seems like I’ll be getting some face-time with the elusive LadyPenelope (new CEO) who is interested in getting a sense of the various challenges around the place – gosh! how long have you got?

4 thoughts on “wee bunny ears

    • Plus, you don’t end up like a wrinkled prune, either!

      I’m definitely starting to see my characters lines developing – I’d like to give past-me a good talking to about sun protection.

    • I was very lucky – both in early capture and that it was not on my face! Apparently this is the most common location for them. I have enough going on from my broken nose, thankyouverymuch. So now of course, I am super paranoid about every little spot – which invariably turns out to be some sort of pimple. I’m absolutely covered in freckles and dark spots, so it is quite the challenge to monitor them all!

      I’m taking the view that character lines are the signs of a life well-lived </pollyanna>

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