pasty feets

I felt I needed a little shake up, so I’ve set myself a couple of wee challenges for the rest of the week:
– sit in the park and read for at least 30 min each day
– eat breakfast before I leave for work (Wed + Fri only – non fast days)
– daily blog post
– daily photo

The new SML office was terribly cold today, so I sat in full sunlight in the 36oC heat and defrosted. It was quite excellent. I am still ploughing through Golden Age of Murder. If this rather plodding book has done only one thing it is has put me onto some hitherto unknown golden age books: trent’s last case: e c bently and miss maud silver: patricia wentworth. I have them queued up on kindley – hopefully they’ll prove somewhat more engaging. I adore living in The Future – where I can read about a book and buy it instantly.

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