perhaps napping?

paper bark

My grand plans to read in the park went awry when it was SEVEN degrees colder than yesterday. So rather than freeze I sat at my meeting table and continued to plod through Golden Age of Murder for 30 minutes – truly I am a reading masochist sometimes.

And I had a bowl of cereal before I left for work this morning.

And I took one photograph.

And I am blogging.

What an Achiever!

Perhaps I can add an extra item next week in a baby-steps kind of approach? We’ll see if I can get through the remainder of this week first.


Several months ago I registered my interest in participating in the Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study. Today I got the go-ahead and spent a good while completing the quite lengthy questionnaire today/this evening. I await my saliva collecting kit with eagerness.

If you live in Australia and are between 40 and 74 and haven’t had cancer diagnosis, why not sign up to participate? You can read more about the aims of the study here. Yay! Science!

</public service announcement>

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