Even though it is only the beginning of October, summer appears to have arrived with a vengeance – the temperature has been around 30oC for the past two days. We’ve all been laying about kind of enervated and occasionally (okay, frequently) complaining. It was only a week ago that we were wearing jumpers and had the heaters on! Thank goodness for our two of four functional air-conditioners. Time to drag out the fans, and the iced tea makers:

minty berry and orange sorbet

Daylight savings commenced this weekend which always puts me in a little bit of a funk. I will love the extra light in the evenings, and the waking up at 6:30am, rather than 5:30!, but the body-clock, she takes a good long while to adjust. Such an old lady.

We were out for dinner on Saturday evening to the other side of the harbour (like being on holiday!) with ex-work pals of Don’s and their partners. I felt even more the old lady as a good deal of the dinner discussion centred around babies and toddlers – my dining companions were not terribly much younger than I am, but have had very different life pathways and are at staggeringly different life-stages. I feel strangely exotic. During dinner, I was compelled to drink two glasses of wine. Such is my new-found lack of tolerance for alcohol that I really, really felt it the next day – again with the old lady.

This weekend is a 3 day one, which makes for some pretty excellent pottering despite the heat. I’ve baked bikkies, a batch of chili (both of which were really not ideal activities in the heat), covered off the grocery shopping, cleaned and packed away the heaters, washed the winter duvets and blankets, scrubbed the bathroom and a bunch of other things I’ve subsequently forgotten. Dreadfully mundane, but very satisfying.

I also finally finished hemming Don’s shorts (hand-sewn as the fabric had a surprising amount of stretch which the machine did not take at all well to) and have tacked the new zippers into the dresses-into skirts – next step is cutting the top off (eeeep!). That is, of course, the point of no return and is a wee bit scary, so the plan is to take everything very slowly and carefully. I’ll sit on the floor in the lounge this afternoon with a cup of tea, rulers, scissors and thread and binge-watch more antiques roadshow – with the air-conditioning on.

This where I predictably say “October already? What have I done with the year?”.

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