Yesterday was pretty glorious in a sunny cold wintery kind of way, so after a quick visit to the shops for fresh produce, Don forced me to join him for a walk around the neighborhood.

This was actually really very good because it was one of those days where I could easily have ended up doing not a lot (ie spending all of my time on the InformationSuperhighway) and regretting it afterward.

pretty trees – despite the cold it is starting to feel a little springly

We headed south, decided to cut through the local oval and found a game of afl being played. So we cut the walk short and decided to hang about and watch.

Don hadn’t seen such a suburban/country sort of game before (where the car horns honk when a goal is scored), it was pretty fun.

We did head out at half time to grab a pretty wonderful pork roll.


sleepy neighbourhood kitties

It was an all round excellent afternoon. Yay! for husbands who make you leave the house!


This morning I was heading out for my first short run in a week and discovered we’d been tagged yet again.

The tag was pretty enormous, but hey, at least it was on our front wall and not on our vehicle, unlike someone who’d parked across the road.

As soon as I returned from the run I grabbed the paint and covered it up. That’s an hour of my life I’m not getting back.

Wretched little monsters. I really hope they feel creatively fulfilled after that.

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