Every morning I’m woken between 5 and 6 by ravenous kitties demanding to be fed.

I then skip delightedly down two flights of stairs to lovingly prepare their breakfast. Okay, I ignore them as long as is humanly possible and drag myself carefully and sleepily down two flights of stairs.

While in the kitchen I prepare a plunger/french press of coffee, grab some mugs and drag myself back up the stairs where, if my brain hasn’t already started thinking … thinking … thinking, I grab another 30-60 minutes of sleep.

Before hopping back into bed, I generally set the plunger/french press down on my bedside table. And what happens is that because I lack the foresight to use some sort of trivet or coaster, the plunger leaves a white ring on the wood.

After a while this has left lots and lots of white rings on the wood – because hey, I’m sleepy and there were rings there anyway.

bedside table – yuck


We’ve been saying for a while that we should paint or replace the tables because the increasing number of white rings are pretty hideous, but with the introduction of ThePlan, I decided to see if the InformationSuperhighway had any suggested remedies for white ring removal.

And of course it did! I choose from ironing, toothpaste or bicarb/baking soda.

I decided on the latter and used a paste of bicarb soda (baking soda) and water. This basically consisted of sprinkling on a heap of bicarb/baking soda and spraying with water until it looked a bit pasty. I then left it to sit for several hours.

When I returned it was all dried out and crusty and I didn’t hold out much hope for success, but I buffed (quite hard) with a damp cloth and ….


There are still a few wee half-rings at the top, but Holy!Goodness!

I must repeat on Don’s table. And get myself a trivet.

4 thoughts on “NaHCO3

    • Definitely thought about it!

      NewKitty is such a menace that she unless she is fed on a separate floor and monitored, she’ll eat all of BabyKitty’s food (in addition to her own).

      It’s not *so* bad waking up so early – though I would prefer it if I was productive during that time!

  1. I have a couple of times now fixed white marks on my table. I never believe it is going to work but it does. I’ve used olive oil, bicarb, toothpaste and ironing. The ironing is particularly scary and seems counter-intuitive but it is worth the risk.

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