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As predicted, it has been an Interesting couple of weeks at SML.

After the departure of our beloved Dr12, LadyPenelope commenced as CEO two weeks ago. Two weeks in and he’s not done a particularly great job of endearing himself to, well, anyone.

First order of business on very first day? Create a role for an extremely highly paid senior manager and commence recruitment (via headhunter). Over 2/3 of the business will report into this senior manager. MrT, who is very senior, will report to this senior manager. This is an effective demotion for him.

We are all pretty gob-smacked – this is a pretty huge structural change.

The role hasn’t been officially announced internally, so there was still a little uncertainty about it – until someone found the advert for it online. There is definitely has an “efficiencies” theme going on. So we’re predicting redundancies. Our policy is not quite so generous as it once was, but still, if I was made redundant I’d get 27 weeks pay + my entitlements (which works out to another 14 weeks). I’ll definitely be hanging on to see if I’m lucky enough to be chopped!


Don and I spent a good deal of time last week binge-watching the first season of Harry Bosch. This was reasonably enjoyable, though pretty fluffy and had just about every police-cops trope you can imagine, along with a couple of pretty dire performances.

We then flicked back to the first series of True Detective (very late on that band-wagon!). The difference in pacing between the two programmes is amazing. True Detective moves like molasses – just so right for the location and story line.

I spent the TV time re-knitting my neck-warmer/cowl for the third time and finally got it to the right size. I’m really quite happy with it, and really wish I could find more of that yarn.

On Friday night Don and Joe/Frank ventured to watch the Ducks. I stayed at home to potter because I just can’t tolerate a 7:50pm game time – it only took them 15 minutes to drive home, but they didn’t arrive until after 11pm. I’m way too old for such things. Plus, I’m really feeling disengaged from the team this season – my membership has been totally wasted this year. Bessie also stayed home to sleep – she was exhausted after 3 full days of work, weeknight social activities, full-time uni and two assessments due. This working stuff is hard.

And I baked. Muffins and bikkies.

And while baking, I chatted to Joan on whatsapp. She’s currently in Manchester (on her way to Scotland) and has almost recovered from her extremely bad cold – which lasted over a month and put an enormous dampener on her Adventure. The exchange rate is horrendous right now, so everything is mucho $$$ and will probably cut short her trip.


In the past weeks, I’ve continued to be really quite productive, which surprises me greatly. All sorts of little tasks have been achieved and I’ve been doing tons of cooking and baking.

I’m still attributing this to no drinking and mostly avoiding mindlessly scrolling about on the InformationSuperhighway – but mostly I think it is really the not drinking. Right now in my life cake seems infinitely more appealing!

4 thoughts on “captain’s pick

  1. New brooms can be grim especially when baby goes out with bath water. Breathe and keep thinking about what you want your job to be. I had a very negative perception of a new exec in my own organisation and then had the chance to work with him a couple of weeks ago. Complete about turn by me as I now get what his priorities are and what he cares about. I’m embracing that mantra of not being able to change him only change how I react to it and manage around it. Good luck! PS, we should REALLY organise to have a catch up some time.

  2. That what are you going to do to make your job the one you’ve always wanted – was incredibly good advice. I need to write it on my hand or make it my screensaver.

    I’m very, very keen to watch everything unfold over the next few months. I’m hopeful they’ll recruit someone to shake things up a little. Far too much complaisancy at SML.

    Yes – we definitely should organise something!

  3. Yes, the not drinking thing is a definite productivity-enhancer. Much as I love a cab-sauv in the evenings, the opportunity cost is several hours of other activities.

    • I think this feels quite different to the last time I stopped (though I could be totally making that up), I can’t quite put my finger on why. I suspect I’m still associating wine with my ghastly hangover from lunch with DishyBoss and can’t summon any interest.

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